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The Fierce 40 are monthly contributors whose support goes directly to the health services provided at the Strong Start Maternity Center.

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1. Ryna D.

Ending malnutrition begins with supporting mothers. I give to Strong Start to end the cycle of malnutrition.

2. Stuart S.

I believe every mother should be given the support & information she needs to give her child a strong start.

3. Amanda T.

I want to support the health of children just like mine, to allow them to grow, learn, and play.

4. Dena S.

Lives of pregnant women and newborns throughout Haiti are changed when I commit to provide basic and essential health needs.

5. Jen M.

Per 10,000 population, Haiti has less than 1 physician and less than 1 nurse and midwife. I support Second Mile in creating more jobs for healthcare professionals.

6. Steph S.

Nutrition intervention and education is vital for pregnant women. It shouldn’t be the case that 23% of all babies born in Haiti are reported have low birth weight.

7. Leah H.

I support Second Mile because no child should grow up without a mother just because she lacked access to basic maternal health care.

8. Lacey B.

I believe every mother should be given the support & information she needs to give her child a strong start.

9. Unclaimed

I know midwifery care in Northern Haiti will save lives and creates healthier families.

10. Laura C.

I give to ensure a healthier next generation in Northern Haiti.

11. Unclaimed

I know that unmet family planning needs contribute to families remaining in poverty. I believe that women and men in Haiti should have access to family planning.

12. Julie B.

I believe in empowering and assisting women to care for their children through breastfeeding.

13. Laura and Jeff M.

I stand with women in Haiti who want to deliver their babies safely in birthing centers and hospitals!

14. Devon V.

I know that skilled maternal-health workers save lives, so I want ALL women to have access to skilled maternal-health workers.


15. Unclaimed

The need for more care providers is a human rights issue! Per 10,000 population, Haiti has less than 1 physician and less than 1 nurse and midwife.

16. Anonymous

The need for more care providers is desperate! There are a reported 3.6 healthcare providers (physicians, nurses, & midwives) per 10,000 people.

17. Unclaimed

I believe in educating families regarding family planning and making it readily available to all.

18. Diane S.

I support Strong Start so that women have access to prenatal care.

19. Robert W.

By giving monthly, I can make the difference between life and death for babies in Northern Haiti.

22. Ian S.

I know that 1 in 14 children in Haiti won't live to see their fifth birthday and I want to change that statistic.

20. Sibille B.

I have a lot of respect for the country of Haiti. I give to Strong Start because I believe that improving the life of even one woman and child will impact the entire nation.

23. Anonymous

I know that the fight to prevent HIV begins with protection. I believe women and men should have access to basic barrier methods to prevent HIV.

21. John and Nancy O.

Vitamins during pregnancy support healthy Moms and babies. I donate to Strong Start to fight for Mothers to have essential vitamins during pregnancy.

24. Unclaimed

I know that Second Mile only offers services that they can sustain, and my support is a crucial part of their sustainability.

25. Louise S.

Access to adequate food and nutrition is a basic human right and yet the global burden of child undernutrition remains substantial, being drive by poverty, social inequities and lack of enough nutritious food.

28. Mandy G.

I stand for health education because it is vital to improving maternal health, regardless of a person’s ability to read and write.

26. Laura W.

Cost of basic healthcare should never be the cause of death for a mom or a child. I give so that care is available for all.

29. Korie R.

Birth support and postnatal care saves lives. I give to Strong Start because I believe that providing these services creates healthy women, children, and families.

27. Kate K.

I support Strong Start because I know that skilled maternal-health workers save lives.

30. Diana M.

I recognize that in Haiti, only 32% of healthcare facilities provide essential medications, and just 31% have basic, functioning medical equipment. This is a human rights issue and I am contributing to the solution through my support.

31. Amanda P.

I know that quality postnatal healthcare ensures healthy, living mothers. I support mothers in Haiti so that they have access to the care they need.

34. Unclaimed

I understand that breaking the cycle of poverty is a challenge. I want Moms and Dads to be empowered to set their children up for success.

37. Anonymous

Globally nearly half of child deaths are attributable to undernutrition. This is a crisis and I want to be part of the immediate solution.

32. Dan E.

Nutrition is important to me. I support Strong Start so that some of the world’s most vulnerable pregnant women can have access to life-saving nutrition.

35. Anonymous

I give to strong start because my support is a vote for equality.

38. Stephanie S.

I believe in breaking the barrier of health access for pregnant women and infants in the North of Haiti.

40. Christine F.

I believe in the family preservation model of Second Mile Haiti. I believe that the money I give directly saves the lives of women and children.

33. Unclaimed

Every teenage girl deserves the best chance at an education. I believe in education for women and girls.

36. Theresa J.

I give so that children live.

39. Jude E.

I believe that mothers should have access to life-saving medication and oxygen during birth.